Some of Our Success Stories
At 10 years of age, Bandit, a purebred Miniature Schnauzer, was dropped off at the Shelter. When his owners moved to a place that didn't accept dogs, he was given to the neighbor. Not really wanting another dog, the neighbor brought Bandit to the Shelter. He was evaluated, proving to be friendly and remarkably healthy for his age. He was then turned over to The Miniature Schnauzer Club of Michigan Rescue. Club member Bethany and her husband Mike agreed to foster Bandit until a permanent home could be found. They immediately fell in love with Bandit and soon became his forever home!
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Forster,
Please find the enclosed vaccination and spay certificates you asked me to send you for your files. "Harley" (the little Beagle/Bassett) stray that was only with you for a few days has fast become a wonderful addition to our little family.
My son Josh is so attached to her already. He can't wait to get home from school to see her and teach her tricks. I commend you both for your caring manner towards these poor, unwanted animals until you can find a new home for them. The world is a better place because of caring folks like you.
I just wanted to tell you that you sure made a difference in my child's life. And I thank you!
Sincerely Yours,
Sharon S.
I have known Ron, Deen and their family for about ten years, and I can honestly say that they are some of the most terrific people you will ever know. Ron and his family have trained several different types of dogs for many different things. They offer an obedience class that I can personally say is top notch. They have trained protection dogs, drug dogs and search and rescue dogs. I have helped them train protection and search and rescue dogs, that is how I received Wango the German Shepherd. He is one of, if not the best, gifts I have ever received. Crickett ,our little Rat terrier, also came from them. She needed a home and we just could not resist. These folks at the Thumb Animal Shelter go above and beyond to care for and place the dogs that they receive. These people truly care for these animals and go way out of their way to place these animals, and to treat their customers with the utmost professionalism. I am honored to have these people in my life.
Clyde D. Rhodes Sr.

I thought that you would like to know that Tilly has found her "Forever Home".   A wonderful young couple who own a Border Collie mix adopted her last week.  They live in Ira Township and have an old farm house on 2 1/2 acres.  Great place to have dogs and Tilly fit right in. 
Thank you for putting the e-mail out for a rescue to help place her.  She was in my home since May 31st and we loved every minute of it.  I miss her dearly, but know that she has found a family that will truly love her forever.  She is a great dog and so deserves that.
I have attached a couple of pictures of her and her new family.
If we can ever be of assistance again, please let us know.

Michigan Border Collie Central
Bailey , a purebred Golden Retriever puppy, was found wandering alongside the highway by some caring people that were traveling on their way up to our area. He is now in his forever home as the loving companion of Tom and Kay.
Dear Ron & Deen'
First of all let me congratulate you on your new website. It's great! Well deserved and much needed.
I can't express enough thanks to both of you for what you do. Your love and compassion for the dogs that come to you is obvious. You see that no matter the size, large or small, no matter the breed, purebred or mixed, each and every one deserves to love and be loved.
Thanks to you, our family has been blessed with such a love. I couldn't imagine our lives without Jake, Rosie, Lucy, Maggie, and Bailey. Their personalities couldn't be more different, each of them wonderful, but different. The only similarity they share is showing their love and appreciation for the food, water, shelter and love that are provided for them. It's simply, you love them, and they'll love you back. I don't believe it can get any better than that!
Jake is our 160lb. baby who thinks he's a lap dog, which sometimes he is. He loves to watch television. His favorite movie is "Homeward Bound". He will watch it from beginning to end, and enjoys it even more when you cuddle next to him and watch it with him. He's such a big teddy bear!
Rosie thinks she is the queen of our castle, and well, she is. She lies on her throne, so prim and proper, legs crossed and head held high, that is, until she hears the rattle of the cookie jar. SHE LOSES TOTAL CONTROL OF HERSELF, and completely forgets who she is, or should I say, thinks she is. Rosie is truly a sweetheart.
Lucy is our comedian. If you need a laugh, Lucy is the one to see. She uses humor to get herself out of trouble, or at least tries to. Lucy also likes to give a "high five" as you are walking by her. Lucy is a bit on the crazy side, but we love her just the same. Maybe that's what we love most about her!
Maggie is usually in high gear. She can jump four foot in the air from a standstill when she is excited, usually when she sees her leash. Maggie has been a very affectionate dog since the day we adopted her. We thought it would wear off as she became secure in her new home, but after two years, she still loves to love, and can't seem to get enough of it, and that is just fine with us. We wouldn't want it any other way!
Bailey is our newest addition. He adjusted to his new home instantly. He loves to play Frisbee and football, and also enjoys his rawhide bones. Bailey is easy to please, although he does prefer bottled water (in the bottle). We are careful not to leave our water unattended. He follows me everywhere, in fact, all of them do. I couldn't think of a better shadow to have!
Thank-you again, Ron and Deen, for being you, but most of all, thank-you for what you do. You are truly remarkable people!
Forever thankful,
                                  Terry J.
Angel was brought into the shelter as a stray that had been around for a few days at the kind people's house that brought her in. It was then discovered that Angel was the pet of a couple that was from Oxford, MI!! They were in the area visiting relatives near Caseville when Angel escaped. What is incredible is that Angel had been missing for a month and was found 25 miles away from where she was lost!!! She was ecstatic when she saw her owners! Angel truly had her own "Angel" looking out for her!
In the early winter of 1999, we had lost our dog, a border collie mix, that we had for about 12 years. I was thinking about possible life without another dog, but my children, aged 12 and 16 at the time, wouldn’t hear of it. My daughter, the youngest, had been talking about getting a puppy all winter long – just a month before her birthday in the fall of 2000, the shelter ran comments in their ads about a litter of lab mix puppies that were about to be born. When the announcement came that the female had her puppies, my daughter begged and bugged until my wife and I took her to go see the puppies. When we arrived, Ron led us to the kennel where the puppies were. He allowed my daughter to pick up one of the pups.  When she picked one up, the puppy licked her on the hand. She, at that moment, fell in love with that little brown lump of fur. We talked to Ron about when the puppies would be ready to leave their mother. Unfortunately for the puppies, at four weeks, Ron called and said that the mother was extremely weak from trying to feed all of her litter. He said he was working on weaning the puppies and asked if we could possibly take the puppy earlier than planned.  He explained that there was a chance that some of the puppies wouldn’t make it if they weren’t taken and closely monitored. We immediately went to the shelter and signed our paperwork, returning with a puppy that fit in the palm of my hand. My daughter immediately decided on “Tootsie” as her name, saying she looked like a small Tootsie Roll!

The first few weeks were quite a challenge. Tootsie was still really a very small little girl in need of her mother, but that was not meant to be. We were her family now, and it was up to us to keep her healthy and alive.Over the next few weeks, with the help of Ron and the Bad Animal Medical Clinic, we were able to get the puppy to eat solids successfully. There were a couple of close calls when she wouldn’t eat, and started getting very weak. Dr. Rhoda at the vet clinic said, “hold her a lot, keep her warm and around people” – and started her on vitamin drops and medicine, which worked their charm. We held her often and close to our hearts so that she could hear the heartbeat like she would have with her mother. By the time she was a few months old, she seemed to be well on her way. She proved to be quite the “daddy’s girl” and would follow me outside on my morning rituals and house trained with hardly any intervention by us.

Over the past 6 years, Tootsie has become our “baby girl”, and is now about 80 lbs., and has proven to be one of the gentlest and friendliest dogs we’ve ever owned. She still likes to drape herself over our laps, sitting close to her people. She is full of enthusiasm, and like most labs, can go from nap to full out play in about half a second! With our youngest leaving for college this fall, our baby girl will help keep us from being totally “empty-nest”! My wife and I would both like to thank Ron at the Thumb Animal Shelter for his time and guidance, as well as the folks at the BA Animal Clinic, and particularly Dr. Rhoda – for filling our home with a loving dog that hopefully appreciates us as much as we appreciate her!

With warmest regards,
Gerry & Suzanne Prich
Bad Axe

I wanted to give you an update on the Maltese I adopted a couple weeks ago. Her name has been changed to Layla, and everyone adores her. I
couldn't have asked for a better little dog.  She loves to play outside and chase her toys, going for short walks, and surprisingly, swimming in Lake Huron with our black Lab. Since we've brought her home she's settled right in, sleeping in her little pink bed and always having a lap to sit in. I also brought her to the vet on August 2nd and he believed her to be about 8-10 months and in perfect health. She's current on all her shots, with her appointment to be spayed on August 31st. I can't thank you enough for saving my Layla - she's definitely a hit with the rest of the family!  Enjoy the pictures!
Meagan Strayer
This is Poppi (black and white Rat Terrier) and Sadie (brown and white Jack/Rat). Poppi was adopted from the Thumb Animal Shelter in May of 2004 and Sadie was adopted in August 2006. These two beauties are wonderful dogs. They are both a blessing to our family.  Poppi was adopted by me and Sadie was adopted by my daughter, Nicole. Ron and Deen are doing a wonderful job running the shelter and trying to place as many dogs as possible with good loving homes. I suggest that if anyone is looking for a new pet, the animal shelter should be your first stop.
Lori Koroleski
p.s. Thank you Ron and Deen for giving us our faithful companions.  They are both well loved.
Just wanted to let you know about Bosco.  Well we rename her Belle.  She took a few weeks to adjust to the change but now she fits in just great with our family.  She is a great dog.  The kids love her.  Thank you so much for everything.  Here are a few pictures of her.
Thanks again,
Vickie Defoe
We feel that these 5 pictures tell the story of Sampson finding his forever home far better than anything we could write! Sampson, you lucky dog!!
We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how Boomer is doing. He was neutered a couple of weeks ago (copy of vet bill enclosed as proof for your records) He bounced back from surgery immediately. When I picked him up from the vet, they said he now weighs 16 1/2 pounds...they think he will probably be around 40-45 lbs. He has adjusted well to our home, and he will graduate from puppy school this evening. although we still have quite a bit of training to complete, he is a really good learner. Everyone who meets him just loves him. And he LOVES everyone, especially children. He comes with me everyday to pick up my boys from school, and he wags his tail at all the children as they pass by our car. He has recently found his voice..quite a big bark for such a little guy. Also when he gets really excited, he howls (must have gotten that from his Dad). I have enclosed a recent picture of Boomer with the boys. We are so thankful that he was still available when we got there. We simply can't imagine our home without Boomer in it!
Steve, Mary Ellen, Matthew, Noah & Boomer K.

I got Hank from you a few months ago and it was the best thing I ever did.  He is my boy and is very happy in is new forever home.   We go everywhere together, loves to take rides in the truck and the mustang with windows down.   Hank is now a 68lb dog and still growing, the Vet says.   They think he should reach a 100lbs.   Everyone falls in love with his beard and big floppy ears. Very good with all people and animals.   He is by far the weirdest dog I have ever owned!  His favorite toy is  pop bottles.  Hank will not sleep on anything soft, he likes to lay on hard surfaces... weird!  Hank loves to go to my parents house and run in the field and play fetch.  My parents just love him and he get tons of treats from them.   He has tons of new friends (Chaps is lab)  (Bozer is goldendoodle) (Saddie and Abby are Maltese- my parents dogs) and tons more from the dog       park.  Hank is a very good dog.. likes to chew but that's ok.( lost a few pair of shoes) ha ha ha.    Just thought I would let you know how he was doing.  Thanks for everything!  Here are some pics.